There is absolutely nothing sexy about wrinkled hands right? So the question is, how can you prevent your hands from aging? Don’t worry there are actually a few anti-aging tips for your hands, and they are super easy to follow.

1. Always use sun block.

This is probably the most important anti-aging tip for your hands. Just like you apply some sun block to your face before you head out, apply some to your hands too. The sun's harmful rays are one of the major reasons that could cause wrinkled hands, due to the damage of the collagen and skin elasticity.

2. Gloves for dishes.

The best anti-aging tip I can offer you, is to always wear gloves when doing the dishes. The hot water and dish detergents are factors that can affect your hands.  

3. Avoid yellow nails.

If there is one thing that makes your hands look old, it is yellow nails. Make sure to give your nails a chance to breathe from nail polish, or try this trick with lemon to get rid of any stains on your nails.

4. Never neglect your hands.

Always keep your hands soft and hydrated, and you can do that with a good hand moisturizer. The best anti-aging skincare tip, is to never neglect your hands.

5. Exfoliation is key.

It is important to exfoliate your hands at least once a week, to get rid of any dead cells. This will help your hand moisturizer and sun block better penetrate your skin.

6. Vitamin C.

Due to the harmful sun rays, you may find the appearance of brown spots on your hands. Opt for a hand cream that contains Vitamin C, as it can brighten up your skin, therefore reducing the visibility of the marks on your hands.

7. Minimize the appearance of veins.

If your hands are thin, chances are your veins are a lot more obvious than they should be. Use a hand cream that plumps your skin, as this will stimulate the collagen in your hands.