Firstly, what are stretch marks? They are basically the scarring of your skin with a lighter color of your skin tone, which is caused by excessive stretching. There is a lot of talk about stretch marks, especially when a woman is pregnant. Here are some of the most common sayings about stretch marks: They are not treatable, you will definitely get them when you are pregnant or overweight, and laser can eliminate any stretch marks you get. Well, enough talk and spreading of random rumors about stretch marks, and here is a list of facts you need to know. 

1. All women can get stretch marks, whether overweight or thin.

2. While getting stretch marks is very common during pregnancy, some women go through their entire pregnancy without one small mark.

3. Stretch marks can appear anywhere in the body, not just focusing on the areas with most fat, like thighs. 

4. Stretch marks never really go away, but their appearance is less noticeable over time.

5. Stretch marks affect both men and women.

6. The toning of your muscles can help reduce stretch marks, as you will be getting rid of the fat in those areas. 

7. Applying oils with Vitamin E can help reduce stretch marks as they can reach the stretched layer under your skin.