Let me start by telling you what a cracked heel is. It is when the heel of your foot is so rough, that your skin actually cracks open, leaving you with painful cuts. A cracked heel is not something to be ignored, as it will hurt when you walk, and if not taken care of super fast, it can get worse. Cracked heels are a result of improper foot care, lack of moisture or even wearing the wrong types of shoes. So, follow these seven steps to treat your cracked heels fast...

1. The first thing you should do, is clean your feet of any dirt, with some soap and water then dry them. 

2. You will need to soak your feet in really warm water for 10-15 minutes. You can add soap or even rose water to the warm water while soaking your feet.This will soften up the skin, in order to carry out the rest of the steps.

3. Next, you need to exfoliate the heel of your foot. Use a foot scrubber to get rid of the dead skin cells on the heel of your foot.

4. If your cuts are bleeding and painful, you will need to clean them out or sterilize them with some alcohol or an antiseptic, for example, Betadine. You can even cover the small cuts with plaster.

5. Pat your feet dry, leaving them a little damp, then apply some Vaseline. This will help your skin absorb the Vaseline, or the cream you used a lot faster. Make sure to rub the Vaseline or foot cream all over your foot, stressing on your heel.

6. Wear socks after applying the Vaseline. Actually you should wear socks every night for a week, after applying moisturizer to make sure your feet get maximum moisture super fast. 

7. Repeat these steps at least once a week, until the cracked heel has been treated. However, apply the soothing cream to your feet every night before you sleep and remember to wear socks to lock in the moisture. 

Tip: If you don’t have a good foot cream or Vaseline, you can use coconut oil to massage your foot and moisturize it.