Did you know that the average person touches their face around 2000-4000 times a day? Now think about where and what your hands have touched throughout the day, from food to door knobs, etc. That is a lot of transferred bacteria to your face and clogging of your pores. The point is, there is a bunch of habits that we unknowingly do on a daily base that are actually harming our skin to a great extent. Let's make a list shall we:

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1. As stated, touching our face randomly. Whether it is to flick some hair away from our eyes, itch, or even run our fingers on a spot that seems to be slowly surfacing.

2. Talking on the phone. Did you know that mobile phones have 18 times more bacteria than the toilet? That is enough to make you invest in a bluetooth speaker, or convince you to use headphones on your next phone call. 

3. Not changing the pillow cases often! Your pillow case is actually the perfect home for dirt and oil, which can cause breakouts. Be sure to change your pillow case every two-three days, and never sleep without removing makeup or washing your face.

4. Using towels after washing your face. It is the same concept as the pillow case, however it is actually more hygienic to use soft tissue papers after washing your face. That way you can dispose of the tissue and use a fresh new one every other day. 

5. Not cleaning your sunglasses. Think about this for a minute, how many times have you cleaned your eye glasses or sunglasses? Bacteria builds up on the lens and bridge of the nose, which could clog pores and irritate your skin.

6. Be aware of where and how you store your clothes. For example, do not leave them in the dry-clean plastic bags, your clothes need to breathe so the chemicals on the clothes do not irritate your skin in any way.

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