Washing your face is probably a daily habit, and sometimes you could just be taking it for granted. You splash your face with some water every morning and night and you think you're done, but you're mistaken big time. There are so many misconceptions about facial cleansing habits that can actually do more harm than good. Even for ladies who don't really stick to a beauty routine, it's extremely important to avoid some harmful mistakes you're making while washing your face that you should stop right now!

1. Over washing

Over washing your face can cause skin dehydration, which will possibly lead to dry skin and further wrinkles and ageing. On another note, over washing can actually backfire, and make your skin produce a little extra oils instead of leaving it oil-free and clean. Make sure to wash your face only twice per day; once in the morning and another time before you head to bed.

2. Wrong facial wash

It's very important that you get to know the type of your skin. For example, if you notice that your skin drys out fast or is itchy most of the time, then you have dry skin. In this case, you might need to use a facial wash that has more lotion or oil in it. A harsh cleanser on dry skin can cause further irritation which will lead to more pimples and acne.

3. Over/under exfoliation

You may think exfoliation is good for you skin, which is actually true, yet too much of a good thing can be harmful. Exfoliation gets rid of dead and unwanted skin, true that, but the more you remove these cells, the more your skin becomes more sensitive and more vulnerable to dirt and dust. Always remember that moderation is the best solution. Exfoliating your face twice per month is just more than enough.

4. Harshly drying your face

Unfortunately most of us dry our faces the wrong way. Towels are actually harsh on your face, that's why you probably need to change the way you use your towel. Make a habit of patting all of your face in a circular motion using the towel until it drys completely, instead of rubbing the towel all over your face. Not drying your face properly can also give access to bacteria to form over your skin.

5. Washing your face with hot water

Your skin contains so many natural oils that are essential for keeping it balanced and healthy. Hot water on its own can actually wash away the good natural oils that your skin formulates over night. Instead of washing your face with hot water, go for an in-between temperature (warm water) in order to prevent flare ups.

6. Not applying moisturizer 

This tip is especially important in winter. Women with dry skin should pay attention to this more than oily skin sisters. While it's crucial to choose the right product and cleanser to wash your face, it's way more important to supply your face with the right moisturizer to keep your face soft and hydrated all day long.