With the changing of seasons, comes the changes in your skincare routine. Your skin has its own way of reacting to the changing of the seasons, and in the winter you are likely to face issues such as chapped lips, dry skin, weak nails, cracked cuticles etc… As the winter looms in, you need to amp up your skincare ritual, to protect your skin from the harsh conditions they might face.

1. If your skin is feeling dry, itchy or cracked then you need to be switching your cream. Be sure to pick the type of body lotion that moisturizes and leaves your skin feeling soft and non greasy.

2. To keep your face smooth and clean all winter long, I would recommend using a facial brush. Be sure to wash your skin with warm water, and a creamy facial wash.

Tip: when applying your night cream to your face after washing it, leave your skin a bit damp to lock in hydration.

3. Usually in the winter you will be wearing socks more frequently. Take advantage of this, and be sure to apply a heavy moisturizer to your feet, then wear your socks overnight. That way you can guarantee full absorption and rejuvenate your feet.

4. I know Summer is all about mani-pedis, but don't neglect your nails in the winter. In fact you should pay more attention to your nails and cuticles in the cold weather. Pay attention to your cuticles, apply cuticle oil and hand cream frequently.

Tip: Use a body scrub on your nails and fingers every now and then.

5. Chapped lips is a problem you might face frequently in the winter. Always have a lip balm with aloe vera, Vitamin E and SPF 15 on you. This will keep your lips at its best, and if you have any chaps it will help heal them.

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