Skincare Tips You Don't Want to Miss from 10 Supermodels

Nada Allam
10/30/14, 12:00 AM

They are called supermodels for a reason, I mean have you seen the way they look? Have you noticed that whether appearing on the runway, photoshoots or even just heading out from the gym, they manage to have flawless skin? So, I decided to use Google and hunt down any skincare tips that any of the supermodels have mentioned in their interviews, and there was a lot out there.

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Karolina Kurkova: The model has clear porcelain skin, so what is her secret? Karolina Kurkova believes that your face and skin absorb the products you apply to it. Therefore, she opts for all natural products to protect her skin from any chemical products that can do harm. 

Adriana Lima: The Brazilian bombshell and mother of two, is still strutting the runway, since she started back in 2000. She swears by coconut water and regular exercise, says they make her skin look healthy. Seems simple enough, let's try that!

Naomi Campbell: The British model has been modeling since she was 15 years old, and still looks pretty darn fine. Naomi uses baby soap when showering and constantly moisturizes her skin. 

Heidi Klum: Whether on the catwalk, or on Project Runway, the German model always looks superb. She dished in an interview that she uses mud masks to tighten her pores and imporve her skin texture.

Cindy Crawford: A supermodel list is not complete without Cindy Crawford, and as the years go by, she still manages ti look as fresh faced as ever. Cindy's skincare routine is quite the odd one, as she sprays her entire body with milk, which keeps it moist and hydrated.

Miranda Kerr: From her street style looks, to hero outings with her son Flynn, Miranda Kerr is one of the most beautiful models out there, with perfect flawless skin. If you haven't already heard, she has her own skincare line; Kora Organics. She uses rose hip oil from her line of products, to give her skin a glow and make her complexion brighter, especially in the winter.

Claudia Schiffer: One of the most popular models on the planet, believes that what you eat reflects on your skin. She mentioned that she stopped eating dairy products and too many sweets. Instead, she goes for natural juices and water with lemon to give her skin a healthy look. 

Candice Swanpeol: Or as I like to refer to her, the real life Barbie of the world. She mentioned in a previous interview that she has sensitive skin, which is why she likes to use natural products like green tea soap and tea tree oil. She also loves to use coconut oil to moisturize her body. 

Alessandra Ambrossio: The boho chic supermodel is always spotted with bronze skin and a natural glow. We'll credit the bronze skin to her Brazilian roots, as for her skinm Alessandra stresses the importance of hydrating. She states when your skin is dehydrated, it reflects on your face. She loads up on water, green juice and always applies SPF before she heads out. 

Kate Moss: The English model has the most unconventional way of taking care of her skin, but hey, it sure does work. She dips her head in a bowl of ice filled with cucumbers and claims it tightens her pores and brightens up her skin.

Which strategy do you think you will try?

Photo Credit: Patrick Demarchelier

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