Who wouldn't love to get rid of undesirable hair forever? Tired of waxing or other hair removal methods? If you've had enough of this hassle, then it's time to learn more about laser hair removal. Known to be the most effective method of hair removal recently, laser hair removal is fast, clean and leaves you with highly desirable effects. Unfortunately, a perfect permanent hair removal method that can work for all skin types doesn't exist. Laser hair removal works best for people with light skin and really dark hair. People with blonde, light brown, red or grey hair respond less to hair laser removal as the pulses themselves target extremely dark hair follicles.

How it works?

Laser is about wavelength of light in a form of pulses that target a certain area to remove the hair. With each pulse of light a hair follicle is burned completely. I must admit that all the researches I went through proved that laser hair removal is known to be the most gentle and less painful than any techniques ever known, as each pulse removes around five hairs at a time. However, extremely hairy areas can hurt a little bit but subsequently it becomes less by time. Each session takes from two to seven minutes. It all depends on the hair density and the sensitivity of the area itself. 

How long does it last?

It depends on each person, their hormones and skin. It takes an average person from five to six visits to the laser machine. If you get to do the right amount of visits, about 60% to 90% of the hair will be removed. Afterwards the hair growth becomes very minor or it almost goes away. It's also recommended that you don't expose the area that is being treated to sunlight.

How much does it cost?

We must say that the cost of the laser hair removal isn't cheap indeed. Since you get to pay by pulse, so the number of pulses is multiplied by the cost of pulse. With new techniques coming up, this might be a little bit costly yet it pays off at the end of the day!

It is highly recommended that you schedule a hair laser removal consultation with a doctor prior to starting your treatment sessions to ensure the best results.