We told you all about CC cream and the benefits of BB cream. However this time I'm going to tackle an even bigger concept, the difference between BB, CC and DD cream. As the choices in creams increase, it gets harder for women to decide what is best for her skin. So, we thought we’d make things a little easier for you and tell you the differences between the BB, CC and DD creams, which in turn will help you pick the most suitable cream for you. 

What is BB Cream: 

- BB cream is a great moisturizer for the skin, and it also has SPF factors to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. 

- BB cream is supplied in three different shades, so that every woman can find the color that is most suitable for her skin. 

- The BB cream will leave your skin feeling super soft and giving it that dewy glow. 

- How to use the BB cream? Well, it can be used to hide any spots or lines appearing on your skin. It is not as strong as a cream foundation, so it is perfect for mornings, giving off a subtle and fresh look to your face.

- BB cream is best used by teenagers or women in their early 20’s, as they are less likely to have any skin problems at that age. 

What is CC Cream:

- CC cream resembles the BB cream a little, but with Vitamins C and E. A major difference between the BB and CC cream, is that the CC cream can acts a more stronger foundation for your skin, covering any dark spots or marks on your face. 

- CC cream also manages to even out out your skin tone, making it look extremely natural. 

- CC can also be used as a sunblock for your face. Just be sure to pick a suitable SPF for your skin. 

What is DD Cream:

- The difference between BB, CC and DD cream, is that the DD cream consists of ingredients to prevent wrinkles.

- If you suffer from wrinkles and fine lines, then the DD cream should definitely be part of your daily skincare routine.