You know the drill, never go to bed without removing the makeup on your face. Let's face it, it is not attractive to wake up with panda eyes, more importantly you don't want the makeup products sinking into your pores. Removing makeup can sometimes be a hassle, however, over the years I have been trying different methods to remove my makeup. Here are my two cents about the makeup removers I tried and my experience with them...

1. Gentle Makeup Remover

I like to think of them as magical potions, that can remove waterproof products which practically stick to your eyelids for as long as possible. I rate my makeup removers according to how much I rub my eye. The more I rub, the more my eyes would get red, which was a con for me. I like my makeup removers to be super efficient, one quick slide across my eyelid should remove most of the makeup. Makeup removers like Bioderma and Clinique seemed to do the trick. I highly recommend them if you want to invest in an efficient makeup remover.

2. Makeup Removal Cloths

If you're one of the lazy ones that like to hit the bed immediately after you walk through the door, then makeup remover wipes should be your pick. The wipes are usually drenched in products that remove your makeup easily, even the concealers and foundations. The makeup remover wipes remove the makeup thoroughly and gently, they will not irritate your eyes or lead to any redness. They also smell amazing, you'll get yourself hooked. 

3. Oil Makeup Removers

While oil may seem like a mess when applying it to your face, it is actually a very effective source of makeup remover. You will be reducing friction in your face, which means less redness, and it really removes your makeup thoroughly. The oil makeup removers are especially good when it comes to removing waterproof products. Just make sure to wash your face well after it. Coconut oil can also be used as a makeup remover.

4. Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover

If you're not one to use the cotton ball technique, then you will love the facial cleanser and makeup remover all-in-one combo. You will need to wash your face extremely well, I would recommend using a Clairsonic cleanser when using the wash to clean your pores from all makeup residue. When it comes to removing eyeliner, I would recommend you use the wipes or oil for a better outcome.