Let's face it, it takes you a day or two to get ready emotionally and physically for a bikini wax. It's a painful but an important process that you have to go through every month, and for some women, they have to go through it every three weeks. 

Since waxing and sugaring is the most efficient way to get rid of pubic hair, there are some other beauty products that will make the process less painful and more effective. 

1. Body Scrub:

You need to scrub your bikini area before waxing two days in advance, to remove any dead skin, and to release the hair stuck under your skin. Using a gentle one, scrub in round motion and then wash it off with Luke-warm water.

2. Numbing cream:

Before you head to your bikini wax appointment, rub a numbing cream over your bikini area to make the process less painful. There are several types of numbing creams available in pharmacies like Lidocaine, Prila cream, and Emla.

3. Baby powder:

Baby powder is very important to apply before the waxing process. Just sprinkle it all over your bikini area to remove any sweat or humid from your skin. This will make the hair removal process a lot easier. 

4. Aleo vera gel:

Aloe vera is a great way to calm any skin inflammation caused by wax. It will soothe your skin and make it get back to normal. 

5. Baby oil:

If you wax regularly then you probably know that baby oil is the perfect way to remove any wax residue on your skin. But for extra effectiveness, mix the baby powder with baby oil and gently rub your skin. And don't use a hot towel to clean the area right after.

6. Other ways to make the bikini wax less painful:

- Make sure you spread a thin layer of wax over the hair, and also make sure that you target a small area at a time, it will make the pain more tolerable.

- As soon as you remove the hair from one area, press gently on it with your fingers on it. It will ease the pain.

- It's better to start from the outside area of the bikini to the inside, where it's more painful and it's hairier. 

- To avoid having ingrown hair under your skin in the future, spray Ingrown Hair Inhibitor over your bikini area after you're done, you can spray it again two to three times per week. 

Main Photo Credits: Instagram @victoriassecret