Nothing is more irritating than dark spots, sweat patches and swollen underarms. Don't you agree? You shouldn't feel conscious or have low self-esteem while wearing sleeveless clothes. Get rid of dark armpits by some skincare tricks that can do magic.

1. Waxing is the best way to get rid of dark underarms. Not only does wax remove a layer of skin that has sweat and dirt, but it also works as an exfoliating method to lighten your skin. Unlike shaving, which takes away the hair only at the top part of your skin and not from its roots leaving it darker than it should be. 

2. Rubbing your underarms with a sliced lemon everyday before showering will lighten up the dark patches and will soften your skin as well. Lemon has citric acid that contains natural lightening ingredients. Try it yourself.

3. Try to cut on using deodorants. Deodorants can be one of the main reasons to have dark armpits. Switch from deodorants to natural mixtures that can keep your underarms odorless for days. Try mixing baking soda with water and put on this paste. You can also visit the nearest drug store and opt for whitening deodorants or ones for sensitive skin.