The facial skin tends to be very sensitive, compared to anywhere else on the body. That's why it needs special care, especially when you want to get rid of facial hair. Although there are many  facial hair removal techniques, many women still prefer threading, which is one of the oldest methods used.

An alternative to threading?

We decided to share with you how to thread your eyebrows and facial hair by yourself, without the need to go to a specialist. Read the steps, and then scroll down to see a video tutorial on how to do threading...

How to clean up your eyebrows at home when you can't go to the salon?

Steps to do facial hair threading at home:

1. Cut a thread into 30 cm.

2. Form a loop, tying the ends of the thread together.

3. Use your fingers to open the thread loop, as show in the video.

4. Fix one of your hands, and roll/twist the thread with your other hand for five times.

5. Now it's time to start facial hair threading. Place the thread on your face where you want to get rid of hair, and carefully move your other hand in the other direction. Watch the video to see exactly how it's done.

Note: Start practicing in safe area, like your cheeks, before getting close to your eyebrows so you don't over pluck by mistake!

6. You'll start noticing that your facial hair is being plucked.

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Now that you've read the steps, here's a threading facial hair removal video tutorial...

Main Image Credits: Instagram @allanaramaa