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| by Dalia Hosny

What Causes Cellulite

Do you have fats adding up on your butt or thighs? This shouldn't make you self-conscious, because around 90% of women share your problem. Cellulite is basically the underlying tissue of fat beneath your skin. The most annoying thing about it, is that it actually seems like wrinkles on your body fat. However, having cellulite over your body doesn't mean you're obese, on the contrary, woman of all sizes and body types face this problem. 

So what exactly causes cellulite? 

1. Sudden weight loss:

The formation of cellulite has endless reasons, but one of the main reasons behind it is weight loss. Some weight loss habits like chemical dieting often lead to severe weight loss in a very short period. This results in the creation of unburnt fats that actually build up together creating a layer of cellulite. It is just like stretch marks, but with a reverse effect.

2. Unhealthy diet:

Did you know that fatty foods along with carbohydrates have the ability to make cellulite.Therefore, consuming foods rich in these will increase chances of formation of cellulite on your body. Junk food, fried and salty food lead to lack of physical activity and low metabolism, which is directly related to cellulite formation. 

3. Genes and hormones:

Another reason behind cellulite is genes. If cellulite runs in your family, then there's nothing you can actually do about it. Every once in a while your hormones revolt and change, and this actually leaves some impact on your body; cellulite is one of them. Hormones like estrogen encourage the formation of cellulite on certain body parts.

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