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| by Nancy Hennes

Your Guide to Clean Clogged Pores Using Steam at Home

Cleaning your face regularly is crucial for a healthy and good looking skin. When you leave your house every day, your pores gets clogged, due to sweat mixed with dust, which eventually causes pimples and acne. And for that, you need to deep cleanse your skin with steam at home once per week, to maintain a healthy and acne-free skin.

Here’s your guide to clean your clogged pores using steam at home:

1. In a pot, pour some water and add some fresh mint or green tea leaves, and leave them on heat, until it boils.

2. Pour the minted water in a bowl, and place your face 15 cm above it. Now you’ll feel the steam on your face.

3. It’s recommended that you place a towel over your head during the process, so that the steam doesn’t escape.

4. But beware, if you feel uncomfortable by the heat, take a break immediately!

5. You’re supposed to leave your skin exposed to steam for almost 10 minutes. And then you need to open a packet of green tea and to rub it on your face.

6. Now wash your face with luke-warm water and then with cold water, or rose water to tighten your pores. Don’t forget to moisturize your face.

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