Let me ask you this, how do you buy your body cream? Is it based on the fruity smell, or the "buy two, get one free" promotion, or from the latest ads you see in the magazines? I used to buy body creams based on the luscious smell it posses, and I have a weakness for anything coconut related. But, did you know that you should really pay attention to the label on the cream you are purchasing, not just the fruity smell? For example, buying body butter is not the same as buying body lotion or even a body moisturizer. 

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Each one of these creams has a purpose and an effect on your skin. You need to figure out what your skin needs before purchasing the cream. To make this decision process a bit easier, let me line up for you the differences between the types of creams out there. Here is your guide to picking the most suitable body cream for you:

Body Butter

As you can tell from its name, this type of cream consists of butter and oils, and it is the thickest of the three types of creams. Body butter has a really strong scent and it will last on your skin for a long time. Body butter is made to nourish your skin and retain moisture, and is ideal for dry skin, meaning it is best applied to elbows, knees and feet to provide an intense moisturizing effect. That doesn't mean you can't apply it to the rest of your body, but it works best on these areas. Body butter is best used at night before you sleep, as it leaves your skin quite sticky and oily until it is fully absorbed.

Tip: When applying body butter, apply it to damp skin so it can get absorbed faster and moisturize well. 

Body Lotion

Lotions are much lighter than body butters, consisting of oils and water. So if your skin is dehydrated, you should go for a lotion as it will work better. Lotions work quite well on oily skin, they are not sticky and are easily absorbed by the skin. Lotions are best for your stomach and thighs, as these are not dry areas on your body, the lotion will keep them smooth and hydrated. 

Body Moisturizer

Moisturizers rank in between, lighter than the body butter but heavier than the lotion. The body moisturizer is absorbed quickly by the skin, forming a barrier that prevents the moisture from leaving your skin. Body moisturizers are filled with essential vitamins and oils that will linger on your skin. If you are suffering from dry skin, especially on your arms and legs, a moisturizer is the way to go. 

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