Summer beach lounging is definitely joyous, but in order to make the experience much more enjoyable, you have to make sure to carry around the right items in your beach bag. As much as picking the right swimsuit is crucial, it's also equally important to pack your beach bag the right way. Checkout the ultimate 10 beach bag essentials for your weekend:

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1. Music speakers

Summer and tanning is just nothing without some groovy music tracks! If you’re willing to buy a new pair of speakers, opt for water-resistant ones to keep your playlist going non-stop.

2. Hair bands

With the enormous beach waves and the salty breeze, your hair tends to get messy. Put your hair under control by carrying around some colorful bands to keep your hair strands together. You can also dress up your hair in flower crowns!

3. Hat

A stylish hat can accessorise your hair and add a bohemian feel to your look. It will also keep away harmful sun rays from reaching your face. 

4. Tinted lip balm

Tinted lip balms are just perfect for keeping your sexy lips protected. Enjoy a ‘pout’ selfie with your besties! 

5. Water bottle

cooling water bottle is most certainly a beach must-have! Chilled water will always keep your body hydrated and at a normal temperature, which could prevent possible sun burns. Always keep your body cooled off! 

6. Towel

Ditch your plain towel and go for a more stylish one. Laying on a stylish and colorful towel will definitely make you standout by the beach as it won’t blend in with the rest!

7. Vibrant sunglasses

Needless to say, a vibrant pair of sunglasses is something you can’t go to the beach without. They’re just as important as your swimsuit!

8. Deodorant

During the hot weather, tanning and lounging by the beach might break a little sweat. In order to avoid unpleasant odors, make sure to reapply deodorant if possible. Try not to make it very obvious to avoid any embarrassment. 

9. Sunblock

This one is just a no-brainer. Because no one wants to end up with a skin burn later, you shall always have a sunblock in your beach bag. Make sure to reapply it almost every hour. If you want to catch some sun, go for tanning oils with SPFs and you’ll get pleasant results. 

10. Body splash 

After being in and out of salty water, you will need some kind of refreshment. Reach into your bag and spritz on your favorite scent because nothing feels better!

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