Adding some stylish accessories to your Ramadan 2017 outfits can make all the difference, as I truly believe that accessories make your outfits standout from the crowd, and they transform a basic look to a trendy one. To ensure you look on point this Ramadan, scroll through to see these 10 stylish accessories that will instantly update your Ramadan outfits.

1. Clutch.

Ditch your everyday handbag, and try to look for an oriental-inspired clutch. This gem by Sarah's Bag is one of my favorite picks.

Instagram: @sarahsbagboutique

2. Statement necklace.

Put the spotlight on your favorite statement necklace, and wear it with a very simple kaftan dress. A necklace featuring Arabic calligraphy would be the perfect choice, like this Azza Fahmy piece of art.

Instagram: @azzafahmy

3. Embellished slippers.

Slippers are currently trending, so why not make them work for a Ramadan look? Pair your abaya with an embellished pair of slippers, and enjoy this comfortable trend. I specially love this playful pair from Poise Design.

Instagram: @poisedesign

4. Headpiece.

Heading to special Iftar or Sohoor event? Dress up your hair too! I picked this pretty set from Aura Headpieces to inspire you.

Instagram: @auraheadpieces

5. Stacked rings.

Stacked rings are just a great accessorizing idea, whenever, wherever! For Ramadan, try to choose dainty rings for a simple yet stylish touch. Check Jacquie Aiche for the ultimate inspiration.

Instagram: @jacquieaiche

6. Layered necklaces.

If you want to accessorize your Ramadan outfit in a simple way,  try layering two or three necklaces. Get plus points by including an evil eye or a hamsa hand design for an oriental feel, just like this Jaimie Geller necklace.

Instagram: @jaimiegellerjewelry

7. Headband.

Another way to accessorize your hair during Ramadan, is by adding a headband. How about you choose an embellished headband for an elegant flair, like this one from Sophia Beirut.

Instagram: @sophia_beirut

8. Over-sized earrings.

Of course, I can't forget about over-sized earrings! If you want to choose a single piece of jewelry for your Ramadan look, you can surely wear over-sized earrings. See this pair from Jude Benhalim, as I think it's so cool.

Instagram: @jude.benhalim

9. Patches.

Patches are trending like crazy, and yes, you can use them to update your Ramadan look! Look for ones with an oriental feel, to instantly make your denim jacket work during Ramadan. This patch from Karaz is a great example!

Instagram: @karazontop

10. Phone case.

Who said you can't make your phone Ramadan-ready too? Thanks to cool Arabic-inspired phone cases, like this one from FMM, your phone can get in the Ramadan spirit.