Every woman's jewelry box is usually full of baubles and gems; you'd find different styles of necklaces, many earrings, loads of rings and lots of bracelets. However, there are certain jewelry pieces that every woman must own and invest in, to have a timeless jewelry to serve her for any occasion.

From classic pearl necklaces that can work for day and night to chandelier earrings that can instantly dress up a dull look and much more, we'll tell you how to have a well-stocked jewelry box. So what are the jewelry pieces that every woman must own? Scroll through to see what jewelry pieces you need to have.

1. Pearl necklace:

2. Pearl earrings:

3. Dainty necklace:

4. Diamond stud earrings:

5. Tennis bracelet:

6. Cocktail ring:

7. Chandelier earrings:

8. Brooch:

9. Hoop earrings:

10. Statement necklace:

11. Watch:

12. Bangles: