If you don't have a backpack yet, just stop everything and go get yourself one now! Yes, I'm that serious.

Backpacks are currently one of the top bag trends, specially mini backpacks. The popular bag style has been around for a while, but I'll share with you 18 photos to remind why backpacks are awesome. Currently preparing your shopping list for the new season? Include a backpack!

The reason why I love backpacks so much, is that they're so easy to wear, and they allow you to store many of your daily essentials. What's also cool about backpacks, is that they're versatile in the way you can wear them; they work on your back and they work as a top-handle handbag! Two birds, one stone.

Now scroll down and see some of our favorite street style photos featuring backpacks.

Main Photo Credits: Instagram: @ohhcouture