We're used to having one piercing in each ear, however, this look has become a bit outdated specially for women with bold and daring styles. If you like the multiple earrings style, rejoice, because ear piercings have been trendy for a while and they’re here to stay!

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If you already have more than one ear piercing or you're thinking of taking the leap and adding a new ear piercing, we'll inspire you with stylish ways to wear multiple earrings. We're actually supporting this idea as it gives you an edgy flair and makes you look like the ultimate cool girl.


For minimalist girls, you can have 2-3 piercings and add simple earrings that add a feminine touch to your overall look. Go for cute earring designs, such as stars, hearts, small hoops, or flowers.


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If you’re into wearing buns or ponytails, you probably want to show off your earrings. Choose the industrial piercing style if you like to make a statement and look cool and funky. The industrial piercing is two holes connected by a single piece of jewelry like a barbell.


The tragus piercing is the inner piece of cartilage that sits directly over the ear canal above your lobe. Pair this piercing with studs, hoops, and lots of other jewelry to complete the look.


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An orbital piercing is any piercing that has two holes in the same part of the ear so that a hooped earring can pass through both. Although these can be made in several places, people commonly have this piercing in the lobe or helix.


Rook piercings are cool additions to your ear accessories. These photos can explain where you can have piercings. Style it differently by either making it look edgy or soft by choosing delicate or bold earrings.

Now scroll down and look closely at these 22 ear-piercing ideas. Aren't they just awesome?!

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