You can wear a very trendy and sexy dress, but end up looking dull! Why? Because of the lack of accessories! Accessories are those small details that can seriously make or break your outfit. I personally think that you can't pull off a cool outfit without accessories. Do you agree? To prove my point, here are 25 photos to show you that you need accessories for a killer outfit!

The right pair of shoes has the power to make you look slimmer and taller. Also, imagine pairing your outfit with the right handbag - your outfit is almost perfect now. I said perfect because a woman should never go out with bare ears and hands, and any body part that can handle accessories. You don’t have to stack up your accessories in general, you can wear them in a simple way.

To cut the story short, accessories are small details, but they definitely help you achieve the unique and personalized look you aim for.

Now scroll down to see 25 photos that will show you the power of accessorizing.