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Fashion Header image article main a closer look at azza fahmy s new limited edition cocktail rings

| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

A Closer Look at Azza Fahmy's New Limited Edition Cocktail Rings

A few days ago, Fustany.com was invited to the launch of Azza Fahmy's limited edition cocktail rings collection. As always, I was excited, and the moment I walked in, I started roaming around the place to see the new Azza Fahmy pieces.

Let me begin by saying that the new Azza Fahmy limited edition cocktail rings collection, includes nine rings only. But what's special about it, is that every piece is different than the other, in theme and in shape. I really loved how Amina Ghali, Azza Fahmy’s Head Designer, introduced this new concept to the luxury brand.

Now let me tell you more about the rings. They are all hand-crafted, and most of them are made of a beautiful combination of 18ct gold, sterling silver, set with intricate precious stones, pearls and even diamonds. The main inspiration behind the new Azza Fahmy limited edition collection, is the cocktail ring's Egyptian origin and Victorian nature theme. The end result of this, is a exquisite collection of beautiful and unique rings.

Of course, it was hard to  pick a favorite, but the ring that caught my eye the most, was the gold lotus ring. At first sight, it would look like a classic selection, but when I tried it on, I noticed its uniqueness; it's gold and oval, set with a turquoise precious stone, surrounded with pearls and diamonds.

Now click through, so you can see Azza Fahmy's limited edition cocktail rings collection.

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