The Egyptian woman has worn jewelry since the beginning of time, and her unique jewelry pieces have always made her stand out. The Egyptian woman was also exposed to a lot of cultures, and her jewelry was always there to tell stories about them, and document history.

Azza Fahmy  

Earrings inspired by the Egyptian Oasis - Sterling silver earrings.

Azza Fahmy, the Egyptian woman leading the luxury jewelry house, launched a new collection called ‘Falahy’. She was able to take traditional and cultural jewelry pieces, and turn them into contemporary ones, that the modern-day Egyptian woman can wear.

Azza Fahmy 

A necklace inspired by the Egyptian peasants' jewelry - 18kt gold, sterling silver beaded necklace.

The Azza Fahmy ‘Falahy’ collection was inspired by the Egyptian artistic heritage from across the country, and was presented with a fresh artistic perspective that fuses Egyptian, Greco-Roman, and Victorian origins.


A bracelet inspired by Hallmark vintage jewelry - 18kt gold, sterling silver bracelet adorned with precious stones and filigree.

Azza Fahmy also had a modern vision on the traditional Kerdan, and designed matching earrings and necklace just to honor a very loved Egyptian woman, artist, and performer, ‘Taheya Karyoka’.

Matching necklace and earrings to honor Taheya Karyoka - 18kt gold and sterling silver.

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