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| by Nada Allam

Basic Accessories You Should Take When You Travel

Packing is hectic and confusing, correct? You stare endlessly at your closet and think of what you should take and what you shouldn't. You are always left with the feeling that you are either over-packed or under packed; never that 'just right' feeling. You can't help but load up on a few extra tops, you know just in case. Not only do you have to worry about clothes, you must always worry about jewelry, after all it's the accessories that complete your outfit. 

While packing, you usually want to go for the minimal, but also be absolutely prepared for a spontaneous event, and of course you want to look your best. I am one of those people who fills at least two small pouches with as much accessories as I can stuff. Unfortunately something tends to break, or I end up using only a few items and the rest just clot into one big knot. And so, I though of composing a list, the basic necessities when packing your accessories.

Statement Necklace

Take it from me and never ever go anywhere without at least one statement necklace. I would recommend a gold statement necklace or one with many colors. That way you can guarantee it will match with anything you pack. 


We all have that one pendant that we absolutely adore and wear all the time. However I would recommend adding another cute locket, so you can mix and match throughout the days. 

Arm Candy

Frankly if I could pack a few and load up the rest of my bracelets on my arms I would. However since I am being realistic here, you will need to pack five bracelets. Two of your bracelets will go with your watch and the other three should be colorful and light to add that needed splash to your arms

Cuffs and Statement Bracelets.

Since you already have five simple bracelets, you will only need one of these. Pack one sparkly cuff for a fun night out.


You will need to pack two pairs of earrings. A pair of your favorite studs that can be applicable for both night and day, something with a sparkle I would say. However, you will also need a pair of statement dangly earrings. 


With rings it really depends on your preference. If you are a stack 'em up kind of person, then pack at least six rings with you, and be diverse, knuckle rings, mid rings, chunky rings etc… However, if a ring is just like any other accessory to you, then I would say two rings will suffice.


You will need two bags for any trip. A funky cross body, personally I would say a Cambridge satchel would do the trick. Also a metallic box clutch for night time events.


One belt is all you need for any trip. I would go for something simple to fill any purpose, whether it is holding up your loose pair of jeans, or using it as a funky waist belt.


Airports and planes are usually freezing, so you are going to need one big cozy scarf to keep you warm throughout your travels. I would say also add a patterned scarf into your bag, for those just in case moments.

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