Cartier has introduced a new line of watches, the Clé de Cartier collection, where the classic timeless Tank and Santos Cartier watches are getting their very own face lift. When you read the words, evolution of the Cartier watch, you can’t help but feel a little eager, or at least that was the case with me. The concept behind the Clé de Cartier watches, was to create the perfect circle, a simple shape, with a simple gesture, and simple innovation to bringing  to you the next big thing when it comes to watches.

Cartier fans, do not worry, because the Clé de Cartier watch collection still upholds its heritage of Cartier, especially with its innovative crowns. Clé de Cartier watch collection consists of both, ‘Simply for women’ and ‘Simply for men’ and I have to say, what you are about to see is a modern take on timeless, classic and elegant watches.

Let me draw your attention to the women’s collection of Clé de Cartier, all the watches feature diamonds, some on the the ring of the watch, while others on the ring and the bracelet itself. I particularly like the choice of colors of the women’s Clé de Cartier watch collection. Rose gold, pink and all diamond white gold, each of these three colors cater to styles of different women.

I think I described Clé de Cartier’s watch collection at best, but sometimes just looking at pictures or even watching our every own private viewing will do the trick for you. Scroll down below and bask in the glory.