Winter means loading up on your knitwear, coats and boots, but you’ve got to do it right! Picking out a pair of boots should not just rely on how good it looks, but there are key things you should consider when picking out stylish winter boots. You need to invest in boots are comfortable, and that would go with most of your outfits. So in order to dress up your outfit with stylish winter boots, we’re sharing with you a selection of must-have boots.

Dressing up in the winter may seem quite hard, as we’re freezing most of the time and would just like to wear everything we own. However, there is an art to looking good in the winter, so let’s start with boots. You can style up your boots in the winter with skirts or dresses and some tights. In fact, don’t be afraid to wear your short skirts in the winter, just add some funky looking boots or high heeled boots to the outfit and you are good to go.

For a casual look, go with a pair of riding boots, and pick ones that are black or a shade of brown, so they can match most of your outfits. Just make sure the leather can withstand rain and snow, and that you can clean it afterwards. Glossy boots are also a winter staple, they match with almost all denim looks and they brighten up your winter look in seconds. Don’t shy away from burgundy boots, they are a great way to dress up in stylish winter boots. Pair your burgundy boots with some jeans and a white knitted pullover and you will look fabulous, you just have to try it to believe it! 

Here are some of our favorite picks, so you can dress up your outfit with stylish winter boots.