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| by Nada Allam

Flashy Sneakers for Your Workout

Shoes should never be boring, actually let me rephrase that, whatever you wear on your feet should never be boring, whether it is sandals, flip flops or even your running or workout shoes. Wear black leggings, black tee, wear boring workout clothes for all I care. But, always clash with one hell of a statement sneaker. The days when sneakers were white and navy blue, you know the ones Seinfeld used to wear, are over. 

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Now it is all about customizing your sneakers, but even if you don't there is a wide variety of colorful workout sneakers you can pick from. So if you are heading to the gym, or going for a quick run, be sure to wear flashy workout sneakers. The burst of color will make you quite the visible pedestrian, and also what better way to workout on a super hot summer's day, than in flashy sneakers. 

Here are a few colorful sneakers to get your head rolling. You should probably put in an order or start customizing your very own sneaker after looking through these flashy workout sneakers. When picking out your workout sneakers, think to yourself, what do you want your shoes to say about you? What you want the colors to reflect? 

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