Four Ideas to Store Your Shoes in a Small Area

Zeinab El-Fiqi
9/3/15, 12:00 AM

Want to know how to store your shoes in a small area? No problem, because I went on Pinterest searching for the smartest ideas to store your shoes, and I found four options that might help you.

Having a small area to store your shoes is no big deal; it just take a creative storage idea that will suit your space, and someone skillful to help you implement it. Here are four ideas to store your shoes in a small area. 

1. Use shoe organizers inside drawers.

Got a drawer in your closer that you barely use? A practical idea to store your shoes in a small area, is to use that forgotten drawer. Empty the drawer, and replace the mess with a shoe organizer made of fabric, which you will probably find at any home accessories shop. After you place your shoes in the shoe organizer, you'll have them hidden, and placed away from dust and humidity. It's always a plus if you regularly get rid of shoe odor before you place them in the closed space.

2. Invest in a window seat or backless sofa.

I always find the idea of multi-purpose furniture fascinating. The window seat or backless sofa that come with storage space, are a great idea to store your shoes in a small area. They’re like a treasure chest to your precious shoes. If you don’t own one, you can ask a carpenter to make you one with organized sections. And if you already have one with no storage space, you can easily send it to a carpenter to transform it into a chest.

3. Organize your shoe rack efficiently.

If you already own a shoe rack, then you should organize your shoes in a way that won't take up a lot of space. How? Arrange the pairs next to each other, and make sure to put every single shoe opposite to the other. This way, you’ll save space in your shoe rack and you can fit more shoes in one row.

4. Arrange your flip flops and sandals inside a folder organizer.

This idea to store your shoes in a small area is not only amazing, but also very colorful and fun. Instead of having your flip flops and sandals thrown everywhere around in the room, display them inside a folder organizer that comes in many colors. You can find them at any school supplies store.


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