Here’s Proof That You Have Lots of Love in Your Life, but You Don’t Know It!

Fustany Team
3/22/18, 12:00 AM

Love doesn’t exist between a man and a woman only, it includes love for your family, your parents, your siblings, and even your pets! When you love the people you share your life with, it becomes happier and full of joy. Your mum’s love will keep your heart warm, your partner’s love will make you feel like you can conquer the world, your children’s love will make you softer, and your pet’s love will give you peace.

For 35 years, Baraka Fashion has seen people buy sunglasses for one another every day, and share their love for each other and for fashion. And we think that it was a cute move to share all the love they’ve witnessed through the years in one campaign.

Baraka Fashion just launched a new campaign that we can’t help but love! As they celebrate their 35th anniversary, they decided to spread ‘ALL Kinds of Love’ by introducing you to a small family that has a great love for all its members.

Karim Najjar and Carine Fahmy, are a career fulfilled couple, and parents to two little and cute kids, a boy and a girl. Carine’s mother joined them for the campaign because we all know, a grandmother’s love is like no other. Did we mention that they own a dog too? Yes, their dog joined as well.

Let’s take a look at the following video to see why Karim Najjar, a successful businessman, and Carine Fahmy a famous TV presenter, were the perfect family to represent Baraka Fashion’s new campaign to promote ‘All Kinds of Love’.


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