Having the perfect diamond ring is every bride's dream. You want a ring that fits your personality and is unique and special to you and flattering on your hand. It takes a lot of time and effort in finding a great diamond ring that is of a good price, shape and quality.

I tried to gather some tips to help guide you in the process of buying an engagement ring. Your ring is going to be a special partner to your hand for the rest of your life so choose wisely and enjoy the process.

1. In the beginning, you should set with your fiancé or fiancé-to-be the budget, so you can start organizing your thoughts and options which can help you a lot.

2. Research and pick the size of the diamond you want. Decide on the amount of carats you want so you can start with clear cut rules for yourself.

3. Keep our options open and don't stay stubborn on one type of ring or a certain clarity. Clarity really affects the price, so it's okay to go for a diamond that has a lower clarity grade than what you set your eyes on. You can sacrifice the clarity in order to get the type of ring you want.

4. The color of the diamond also affects the price so keep that in mind:

- Traditional clear diamonds are the most expensive.

- Colored diamonds are less expensive, like blue, yellow, pink and more...

5. After all these steps, it's finally time to pick the shape that you like and the one that suits you best. There are many choices such as: oval, square, heart, princess and a lot more.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @davidsbridal