Have you ever wondered how to clean your leather watchA watch is one of those items that is a great way to accessorize your wrist. If you are one of those people who stack up their bracelets with their favorite leather watch, then you should be cleaning it regularly. Leather watches tend to get dirty much faster than metal watches, due to sweat and bad weather. To all the ladies who own leather watches, here is how to clean your leather watch the right way, so as not to ruin the leather.

1. Using a dry piece of cloth, wipe the outer and inner parts of the watch to remove any dirt on it.

2. Next you will need a small piece of cloth to clean your leather watch. Wet the piece of cloth, and add a couple of drops of soap to it, rub the sides of the cloth together so that it starts to foam.

3. Use that wet piece of cloth to clean both sides of the watch. In round circular motions, wipe the watch thoroughly, and make sure to pay attention to the edges. Once you are done cleaning, get another piece of moist cloth to clean off  any remaining soap.

4. You will need another dry piece of cloth for this step. Now that your watch is cleaned, wipe the watch with the dry piece of cloth and set it aside until it dries.

5. The final step to cleaning your watch is to add some leather conditioner to the watch and leave it for around an hour till it dries up. Make sure to double check the instructions on your leather conditioner as it differs from one brand to another. The leather conditioner will protect the leather from any breakage and give it a shine.