Stacking things up seems to be a recurring trend these days when it comes to accessories. Whoever invented the phrase, 'less is more' did not have a love for accessories. Lately I have been really loving the stacking up of the rings and learning how to wear multiple rings. At first I was quite skeptical, I mean it really is a lot of bling, but the trick is to do it right and you're good to go. So, we're sharing with you a guide on how to stack up rings:

1. Break the rules when arranging rings on your hand

Feel free to mix the metallics, and remember in this case, more is better. The key to create a nice mix between gold and silver rings giving off a very chic ascetic on your fingers. 

how to stack up rings

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2. How to stack up rings with your engagement ring

Stacking rings with your wedding ring can be a little tricky. But, don't worry we've got the hack for you. The key is to go for thin dainty bands to compliment your engagement ring for a graceful look. 

How to stack up rings with your engagement ring 

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3. How to stack chunky rings on your fingers 

Chunky rings always make a statement. When stacking up rings go bold and use all fingers even your pinkie. Just make sure not to but the big rings next to each other, alternate with thing rings between them so your hands are comfortable. 

How to stack up rings

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4. How to stack your rings in 3 different ways

Stacking your rings 101: You can use the same rings to create several different looks when stacking your rings. Click on the video below and we'll show you how.

5. How to stack rings like a pro

Now you don't want to stack up a bunch of rings and find that you can't even hold a pen to sign a paper in a meeting. Go for some thin rings for a formal event, and chunky for a party-like event. 

How to stack up rings

6. Integrate stones when stacking your rings

The rainbow rings and the colored stone rings have made quiet a statement this year. Who says you need to pick only one color, stack up those colorful stone rings and rock the look. 

How to stack up rings

7. Use all your fingers to stack up your rings

Stacking up your rings doesn't have to be vertically, you can stack up your rings next to one another. So, when in doubt no need to pick among your rings, just wear them all. 

How to stack up rings

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