So you're new to walking in heels and wondering how to walk in heels better? Or are you just one of those ladies who tend to stumble around trying to strut in her sky high heels? Whatever the situation is, how to walk in high heels is something every lady should know to carry herself with utmost confidence. So if you are a bit wobbly in heels, I am going to give you a little crash course on how to walk in heels like a pro, to look like a professional model strutting down the catwalk; hopefully!

1. Size of the shoe

Do you want to know how to walk in heels better? While this may seem like a given, a lot of women out there are wearing the wrong shoe size. For example, if your foot slips out of the shoe, then you are definitely wearing the wrong size. Either add some insoles, or get a smaller size, but make sure your feet are comfortable and you are not experiencing any pain in order  to walk in high heels like a pro. 

2. Length of the heel

While it may be tempting to opt for sky high Louboutins, there is nothing sexy about a woman who can't walk in her high heels. In order to walk in heels better, start off with short heels, once you've mastered the short length, move on to a higher one. 

3. Practice practice practice!

They say, 'practice makes perfect' and this applies to everything including shoes. If you have an upcoming event, wear your heels around the house, try walking up the stairs, or even blast some music and dance around. The more you get used to being in heels, the more you know how to walk in heels better. 

4. Don't think, just walk

After all, you are basically just walking on your tip toes. However if you are consciously aware of every step you are taking, your body will look extremely stiff. Stand up straight and let your arms move freely to establish balance, you want to look like a pro as you walk in heels, not a zombie. 

5. Cushion the soles

Not only is it a bit difficult to know how to walk in heels, it also gets uncomfortable. Try to add gel insoles to your heels, as it will cushion the inside of the shoe, making it easier and more comfortable for you. 

6. Breaking in the shoe

While buying new shoes may seem like a joy, breaking in your new shoes is a pain. Make sure to break in the heels you want to wear before a night out, you don't want to be limping around in your heels, and covering your blisters with band-aids. Breaking in the shoes will also scratch the bottom of the shoe, which will make it less slippery as you walk. When you break in it, you will know how to walk in heels better. 

7. Don't forget to sit

There is no shame in having a seat every now and then to rest your feet in order to walk in heels better all day/night long. However there is shame in taking off your heels in the middle of the event and giving yourself a quick foot massage