The strappy sandals trend came back to fashion and thank god it did because it's exactly what we needed from sandal trends in 2020. So naturally we're so glad to be showing you what to wear  strappy sandals and give your some sandals styling tips...

Your guide for the top and best summer 2020 fashion trends fashion trends...

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Don't forget to scroll down to the gallery below for some more strappy sandals outfit ideas...

How to wear strappy sandals for a casual comfortable look


Most of us in the summer are looking for comfort so we can withstand the long hot day. Flat strappy sandals are a great choice, because they look great and chic without taking away the comfort. You can wear them with skirts and dresses. There are a lot brands that have beautiful collections and strappy sandal options, among them is Elia.

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How to wear strappy sandals with jeans


If you're going for an everyday casual denim, you can wear a strappy sandal with tight jeans or the ones that stop at the ankle. It all depends on your choice of simple and elegant colors. You can go for the minimal ones with only an ankle strap or the really strappy sexy tones. Also, try heels because they look great with Jeans.

How to wear strappy sandals with wide pants?


What about wide and loose pants? There are several ways you can style strappy sandals with wide  pants. You can tie the straps around the pants, it looks really interesting and fresh. You can also wear single ankle strapped sandals or tie the straps around your ankles only, without bridging it up your leg. You can also slightly fold up your pants to show more of the sandals. 

Evening strappy sandals


If you want to wear sandals for an evening look, you can pick between a couple of options that would be suitable for a glamorous evening look. You wear that embellished sandals or shiny metallic ones or you can go for those in satin or velvet. 

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