This season, fishnet tights are totally back in style. Yes, this edgy '80s trend has resurfaced, and apparently fashion girls are loving it. If you happen to follow fashion bloggers on Instagram, then you certainly saw them wearing fishnet tights and jeans. The combo looks so stylish, yet many women are afraid to try it. Well, fear not, as I've complied a visual guide to show you how to wear fishnet tights and jeans, and actually get the look right.

One way to do the fishnet tights and jeans combo is with distressed jeans, so you can have your legs peeking from underneath the stockings. However, if you want a more understated/conservative style, then wear your fishnet tights along with non-ripped jeans, for maximum coverage, and finish off the look with an interesting pair of shoes. That way, a small part of the fishnet tights will just be showing, and only your ankles would be on display.

Want to give the fishnet tights and jeans look a try? Scroll down for more inspiration, as you'll find photos of women rocking the edgy fishnet tights and jeans trend.