Ideas to Wear a Chanel Brooch

Zeina Tawfik
11/11/13, 12:00 AM

There are plenty of ideas to wear a Chanel Brooch. If you thought that brooches are pieces of accessories that only belong to your grandma, then you're mistaken big time. Well, your grandma's jewelry box surely does have lots of brooches in it, but it's all about how you wear them. I follow a lot of street style blogs, and I couldn't help but notice the Chanel brooches making their way on several looks. The Chanel brooches are timeless pieces of accessories, and they'll instantly add a chic vibe onto whatever you're wearing, due to the appeal of the iconic interlocking C's. Accent your jacket, top, scarf, or even handbag by adding a Chanel brooch, and get creative by mixing and matching it with others to form a small constellation of brooches. Here are some of our favorite ideas to wear a Chanel brooch, they'll only make you wonder why you haven't tried embellishing your outfit before with a Chanel brooch.


The way you accessorize will make or break your outfit! So read more from our Accessories section here.

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