Love Yourself: An Empowering Valentine's Day Campaign by Jude Benhalim x Radwa El-Ziki

Fustany Team
2/9/17, 12:00 AM

Jude Benhalim continues to surprise us; this time the young jewelry designer has launched a very innovative Valentine’s Day campaign! For the new "Love Yourself" campaign, Jude Benhalim teamed up with fashion blogger Radwa El-Ziki of Zedified, to create humorous posts that send a powerful message.

This Valentine’s Day, Jude Benhalim is telling all women to love themselves first. Society puts pressure on women not be alone, and Valentine’s Day tends to be a reminder that time is running, and that they need to find someone soon to be happy. Who set these rules anyway?!

Through her campaign, Jude Benhalim says "Don’t let social pressure stress you out because you’re still single, you just need to find love within yourself, don’t search for love or wait on it to find happiness."

Already love her? Wait until you know about Jude Benhalim’s competition to love her even more. Post a picture of yourself wearing your favorite jewelry piece by the designer using the hashtag #JudeWithLove, and win an exclusive gift.

Now scroll through to see more of Jude Benhalmin's campaign, and we bet you'll relate to them!


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