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| by Amira Azzouz

Reviewing Azza Fahmy's Fashion 2013 Collection

We were recently invited to check out Azza Fahmy's Fashion 2013 collection, and to be honest I didn't know what to expect. I love Azza Fahmy's pieces, but what I didn't get was why call the collection 'Fashion 2013' while their designs are always masterpieces in the fashion world? What would be different about this collection? 

Let me tell you this, it was certainly one of a kind! I would say it suits me more as a modern Arab woman, because it mixes between two important elements; the latest fashion trends spotted on the runways and the Egyptian culture. Though Azza Fahmy is known for including Egyptian inspirations within her pieces, the Fashion 2013 collection is truly done with a twist. At a first look, you might not even notice the small fine details of Egyptian culture and inspiration added to each piece, but I loved searching for the hidden lotus, which was present in most of Azza Fahmy's Fashion 2013 collection. You would find it in the most complimenting ways! The Azza Fahmy Fashion 2013 collection includes fashion-forward jewelry pieces such as ear cuffs (a favorite of mine), the delicate knuckle rings with eye shaped designs and the Lotus cuff which could be worn with or without the tassels (brilliant addition!). There's something for every woman in Azza Fahmy's Fashion 2013 collection, whether you prefer simple or bold statements. You could wear a fine delicate bracelet or ring on their own, or stack them up with other jewelry pieces, and that's really what the whole Fashion 2013 collection is about, wearing them according to the latest trends and your own personal style. The pieces that caught my attention the most were the Art-Deco Lotus ring, due to its simple yet very innovative design, the Lotus Shoulder Chain (a show-stopper!) and the Art-Deco Lotus cuff with its futuristic and appealing look. Now that I've told you more about Azza Fahmy's Fashion 2013 collection and my favorite picks, let me know which pieces you loved the most.

Azza Fahmy's Fashion 2013 collection is available at Azza Fahmy.

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