You know that sad moment, when you put on your favorite pair of shoes only to notice a big stain on them? Or while putting on your favorite pair of boots, and for some reason the zipper won’t work? Don’t be bummed because there are shoe hacks you should all know to fix your shoes leaving them as good as new

1. Nail file for suede heels

All women know that suede heels can easily get stains or scratches. However, you can totally get rid of that by rubbing the nail file against the stained part and it will just disappear. 

2. Vinegar for leather

Did the heavy rain just leave a big water stain on your leather boots? Don’t scratch it using your nails, but instead dip a tooth brush in some vinegar and gently scrub it away. This trick will immediately remove the annoying water stain.

3. Petroleum jelly for patent shoes

Patent leather shoes are really shiny, which means if there are scuffs on them it's easily noticeable. However, if you apply petroleum jelly on your shoes using a small cotton swab, it will gently polish and remove any scuff marks.

4. Lotion works as shoe polish

If you've run out of shoe polish, you can apply some lotion on your shoes and rub it all over with a soft towel. It will look brand new!

5. Orange peel for bad odors 

One of the best ways to get rid of a bad shoe odor is to leave couple of orange peels inside the shoe over night. You will be amazed by the outcome next morning!

6. Fix zippers with petroleum jelly

That moment when you are trying to zip up your boots but it is stuck, is totally solvable! Dip a cotton bud in petroleum jelly and lather up the sides of the zipper. It will slide right up.

7. Glass cleaner for patent shoes

Do you feel like your patent shoes are not as shiny as they used to be? Use some glass cleaner to restore its shine, it will also get rid of any scuff marks.