Gone are the days of wearing simple straw hats! Your beloved summer straw hat just got a major makeover, and you'll totally like it. The newest trend for Summer 2016 is sequined straw hats, where straw hats are decorated with sequins that spell out your favorite words or script. How about a straw hat that says "do not disturb" or "just married," totally cool, right?

A sequined straw hat has become a travel essential nowadays, because you do need a hat to keep the sun off of your face, and you do need a cheeky straw hat to make a statement and express yourself. Actually, your summer outfits will look so much cooler as soon as you top them off with a sequined straw hat!

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite fashion bloggers and fashionistas wearing sequined straw hats. Also, I did the digging for you, and found some regional labels that will help you customize your very own sequined straw hat.

Main Image Credits: Instagram: @karenwazenb