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| by Sara Khalil

Stylish Ways to Wear Your Beanie Hat

Beanie hats are the best winter hair accessory, simply because there are so many stylish ways to wear your beanie hat. They aren't only a must-have accessory in your winter wardrobe, but also they can contain your hair on a bad hair day. Not to mention, a beanie can also add instant coziness to your winter look. Most people think that there's only one way to wear a beanie hat, however, there are so many looks that you can pull off, just by changing the way you style your beanie. Find out the stylish ways to wear your beanie hat...

- Beanie hat styles

Always keep in mind that there are so many styles when it comes to beanies, and each can give you a different look. There's this beanie hat that is tight and can exactly fit your head, and there are also the larger ones which fall loosely at the back of your head. That's in addition to the classic beanie, that has a pom pom on its top which gives your look a more playful feel. If you want to elevate your look every time you wear a beanie, make sure to go for different styles of beanies. For example, why not give printed beanies a try? Printed beanie hats can come in many patterns, such as leopard, dotted or striped. Pull it off with a very simple and minimal outfit to let it make a statement on its own.

- How to style your hair with a beanie hat?

One of the things that can literally change the way your wear a beanie, is your hairdo. Instead of leaving your hair loose under a beanie, you could try making a side braid or even allow your bangs to peak from under the beanie. Another way to style your beanie, is to tie your hair and hide it under your beanie hat. 

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