Do you know that there's a story behind the Cartier Love Bracelet? You've probably seen the iconic Cartier Love bracelet on a lot of celebrities and fashion bloggers. Not only does it add that elegant sparkle to your outfit, but the Cartier Love Bracelet is more than just another bracelet out there. The story goes back to 1969, when the late Aldo Cipullo created the Cartier Love Bracelet as his very own interpretation of the chastity belt.

The history behind the Cartier Love Bracelet:

The controversial Inspiration

It was believed that a chastity belt was a device, where husbands would have it locked around their wives' waist to ensure their fidelity whilst they were away. The Cartier Love Bracelet is similar to the belt in more of a metaphorical way. The Cartier Love bracelet locks around the wrist, and comes with a tiny screwdriver. 

The screw driver

The locking of the bracelet symbolizes eternal love, and once the bracelet goes on the wrist it isn't easily removed, the only way to remove it is with the screw driver, therefore it is locked on forever. Initially there was a policy where no where no customer can purchase the Love bracelet for themselves. So, the key would sort of be only in the hands of the buyer. So if someone longed for a Cartier Love bracelet, they needed to drop some hints to their partner.

Changed how we see jewelry?

It might seem common and more normalized now to see luxury jewelry as an everyday piece, something we rarely take off, but back then it was different. Jewelry was something you'd put for special occasions. So, when the Carter Love Bracelet came a long, locked on the wrists, it started to change people's perspective on jewelry. 

Additional interesting Cartier Love Bracelet facts:

- To guarantee authenticity, they had to create special serial numbers for each bracelet 

- There was a rumor that hospitals had to have the Cartier screw driver at hand so they can be able to remove it from a patient when they need to.

- It was named 'modern love handcuffs'

- At some point, it became a problem for airport security when it came to passing through metal detectors and not being able to take it off. 

- The oval shape is intentional so it can perfectly fit the wrist. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @arilovesfashionx