The summer heat is scorching and whilst we’ve been quarantining and keeping a low profile for the past year, this hot girl summer is not one to miss. Whether you’re a working girl, a mom or just can’t wait to get the stress of the city out of your mind, basking in the sun with a cold ice tea or fresh juice is the optimal –and our preferred way- of relieving accumulated stress. As the weather gets hotter, so does the fashion, here are some of our top summer accessory trends we just can’t get enough of.

Tote bags


Image credits: Pinterest

Tote bags have been back in our closets for at least a couple years now. Practical, affordable and versatile, you really could never go wrong with a tote bag. Not just a summer essential, we carry our tote bags with us all year round, even and especially to the grocery store as a greener alternative to plastic, they’re just so cute. You could really use or take them anywhere, around town, to class, to run errands, they’re super easy to maintain due to their washable material.

How we’re pairing them: To the beach (or pools, you do you), out to eat or just running around coastal compounds, tote bags are exactly what you need this summer to carry your things around.

Straw hats


Image credits: Pinterest

These remind of wealthy women who play tennis all day, I don’t know why but they just do. They just exude rich private school girl energy. That doesn’t mean we can’t try to pull it off though right? They’ve been around for centuries, and they also kind of remind us of the South of Europe but why are we suddenly seeing them everywhere? Hello Jacque Mus, we see you, please answer our DMs. Well because of how cute and earthy they are of course.

How we’re pairing them: You could wear it as a tropical look with a dress, cover-up or swimsuit, it could be both dressed up or down in the city or on the beach.

Baseball caps


Image credits: Pinterest
Okay, I know it sounds crazy, but hear us out. You know those caps your dad always very embarrassingly wears to do random things like shop for tiles? Yeah all the cool girls are wearing them now. We don’t know how or when, but when we see the likes of Bella Hadid or Lilly Rose Depp walking around looking that good, we’re convinced.
How we’re pairing them: Baseball caps, like tote bags are not limited to a season. They could be worn year round. This summer we’re wearing them to the beach, on bikinis, swimsuits or cover-ups, they’re a really cute way of protecting your hair from all the harmful sunrays.

Bucket hats


Image credits: Pinterest, Olivia Rodrigo

We’re not late to the party this time, we just got performance anxiety first. Bucket hats have been around, or more like returned for a couple of years now and we didn’t get the hype at first, but we’re finally sold. They’re very cool to look at, easy to pair and are more practical than most hats in terms of carrying them around.

How we’re pairing them: Plain black bucket hats are so boring, why not try and find some in our summer colour palettes. Purples, lilacs, greens, pinks, blues and oranges can really compliment your summer fits. You could wear them during the day, with whatever you’re deciding to wear to the beach (bikini, swimsuit or cover-ups), or at night with a dress, set or crop top.

Tinted glasses


Image credits: Pinterest

These are the cutest trend ever, in whatever colour you can think of, tinted glasses are flattering for every face shape and can complement any outfit. The orange one is currently the most popular, but the green and pink ones are really cute too, we’ve even seen some yellow ones. A twist to traditional eyewear, you won’t just see in colours but you’ll feel colourful too.

How we’re pairing them: Both around town and by the coast lines, they really can go with anything. At the beach or on regular or halter neck tops, mini or maxi dresses, jeans, flowy fabric pants, if you can think about it you can do it.

Shell necklaces


Image credits: Pinterest

These give us mermaid vibes and we’re so here for it, it’s such a beachy look but it could be paired nicely around the city too. We’ve seen Gigi Hadid in one, and that’s enough for us but these necklaces are flooding our Instagram’s and can’t we be the only ones. Also giving off earthy summer vibes, this could simply be this summer’s accessory by the pace were seeing them.

How we’re pairing them: Almost on anything, literally. They come in different colours now too, so if you’re bored of the plain white one (we’re not) you could purchase one that comes in gold, black, pink or whatever you could get your hands on. Whether you’re by the sea or in town, this accessory is so cute and easy to pair all at once.

Beaded necklaces and bracelets


Image credits: Alex Mika Jewellery

We don’t know if you’ve been living under a rock or something but these beaded bracelets and necklaces have been everywhere this summer, and you can make them yourself at home. Yeah that’s right, it’s a D.I.Y. They look so cute and edgy at the same time, and of course we don’t have to tell you come in so many different colours you’ll never be out of patterns to make, therefore you’ll never run out of options. We literally have over fifty of them lying around right now. One of our favourite hobbies growing up finally paid off.

How we’re pairing them: Literally on anything you could think of, and that’s no exaggeration. You could stick to making a couple basic colour ones, and will still have a diversity of them to try on different looks. We recommend getting your own kit and making a lot though, instead of getting ripped off by those pages on Instagram.

Stacked bracelets


Image credits: Monica Vinader

If we see Bella wearing anything, we’re a fan. I’m not kidding, we could see her in a paper bag and be like OMG it’s a need not a want. Recently, she’s been stacking a lot of her bracelets, whether it be bangles like the gold ones above, silver ones, or beaded bracelets, and we actually find it really cute. It doesn’t at all remind us of our beaded bracelet obsession from 2010, because she knows how to pull them off. Maybe it’s just her, but we thought why not give it a shot too.

How we’re pairing them: Tank tops, crop tops or anything with bare arms works. It would be a little weird to pair with longer sleeves, plus not in this weather no way. It also looks really cute on dresses and on the beach with your swimsuit or cover-up.

Teddy bear necklaces


Image credits: Karen Wazen
These adorable teddy bear necklaces have also shown up everywhere on our feed, almost every cute Arab influencer has been spotted wearing one at some point. A light and playful twist to an accessory, they’re great for mixing up with different looks.

How we’re pairing them: They could be worn with fun playful looks for parties or events, or as a cute accessory for that outfit you’ve been planning in your head, or even as just simple daily necklace. They also have really cute ones that are multi-bear. You could layer them, get several colours and swap between them, or even get two contrasting ones to pair together. Ooh, or a choker.