I dare you to open any fashion influencer's Instagram profile and not find her posing in these 90's sunglasses at least once! They seriously block zero sun, but they're so cool, everybody wants one now.

The so-called 'Matrix' sunglasses used to be a big thing back in the late 90's and early in the 2000's. I remember when I first saw 'The Matrix', my whole life revolved around this movie, I even cut my hair, and got the sunglasses. So, imagine the mixed feelings I had when I first saw these very small, ineffective sunglasses that I really loved when I was 10, happy to see them again but not sure if I'll get a new one.

But, on a more serious note, these new 'Matrix' sunglasses come in many shapes and sizes, and I honestly can't deny, their look is kind of growing on me, and I might buy one for Springtime. I also think of the times when I'll want to show off my eye makeup, and my sunglasses won't stop me from doing so. 

Now scroll down to see how the chicest ladies in the fashion industry wore these little glasses, and looked so cool!