The following three designer accessories to update your bag, are little luxuries, that may seem too tiny, yet they look oh-so-mighty when pulled off the right way! Whether you're more on the playful side, or you like to keep your look sophisticated, you're bound to fall in love with these mini luxurious designer bag accessories. Embrace your personal taste and invest in one of these iconic bag accessories to update your bag and make it look brand new again. Now check out the three designer accessories to update your bag...

1. Fendi Monster Fur Chic Key Ring/Karlito Bag Charm

The Fendi bag charms are surely a big thing in fashion accessories right now. Leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to make the most expensive furry bag charms! It actually doesn't come as a surprise, because both pieces, the Fendi monster fur chic key ring and Karlito bag charm, are made of fox and mink fur. The Karlito tiny doll is just a recreation of Karl Lagerfeld's white ponytail, sunglasses and his infamous black suit. While the Fendi monster fur chic key ring is inspired by a cartoon character.

2. Hermes Scarf

Whether you wrap it on the bag handles, make a bow out of it, or just tie it on the bag straps, the classic Hermes scarf will always stand the test of time. I'm always attracted to scarves, specially the soft silk ones, as you can easily style them the way you want. Actually, I think the Hermes scarf is one of the must-have designer accessories to update your bag, because there's nothing that looks better than a dangling Hermes scarf.

3. Louis Vuitton Bag Charm Chain

Play dress up with your favorite your bag and accessorize it up with the Louis Vuitton bag charm chain, my third pick of the designer accessories to update your bag. The iconic Louis Vuitton label along with the well-known monogram designs transform any bag and make it look ten times more chic. The budget spent on a Louis Vuitton bag charm chain is definitely worth it.