For some women, a bag is like their baby, now I don't mean to insult your babies or compare them to leather. What I simply mean, is that they are of great importance to women, and they are handled with upmost care. You wouldn't place your bag on the floor and leave it to be exposed to germs? A more important question, how do you store your handbags? Do you throw your handbag on a chair until its next use, or do you hang your it off a hook? Both of these ways are not good for your bag, so here are a few tips to take into consideration when storing your handbag.

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1. Stuff with tissue paper

In order to keep the shape and form of the bag, be sure to stuff it with tissue paper. If you don't have tissue paper, you can use old plastic bags or even old t-shirts, anything to prevent the bag from flattening.

2. Leave them in dust covers 

When purchasing a bag, most of the time they come in their own dust covers. Not only do they serve as a good way to label your bags from one another, but also they protect the leather from piling on dust and stains. It will always look as good as new. 

3. Clutches

When it comes to storing your clutches, be sure to store them together and not on the floor. You can also store them in a cushioned basket. If you are a fan of box clutches, I would recommend to store them in a covered area, to protect the metals from tarnish.

4. Large handbags

The best place to store your large handbags is on a shelf. So, try to reorganize your closet, and free one shelf for your large handbags. That way, you can protect them from dust and preserve them for as long as possible. Do not stack them on top of one another, align them next to each other.

5. Hooks are a no no

While hanging your bags from hooks may seem like an ideal scenario, it is actually a bad idea. Hanging a bag from hook will eventually cause damage to the strap. Hooks should be used with bags that you use frequently.

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