Let me start by defining what exactly are ear jackets! As you can tell from the jacket part, ear jackets are earrings that cover part of your ear lobes. I am one of those people who believe an outfit is never complete without a pair of earrings. Nowadays, earrings have become so creative, with such a wide variety, you have ear cuffs, studs, droplets and now ear jackets.

I have to say of all the different types of earrings, I am totally in love with ear jackets. They look so quirky, giving your outfit a unique touch. Ear jackets come in all sorts of colors and shapes, and are the best way to accessorize your ear lobes. If you are a sparkly kind of girl, then go for ear jackets studded with diamonds. However, if you like wordy statement jewelry, ear jackets with words will such a fabulous pick. Check out our selection of our favorite ear jackets to glam up your ears.