If there's a designer bag you should currently obsess over, it would definitely be the new Diorama bag from Dior. Now let me begin to describe the rich detailing of this latest bag from Dior. It's simply a mixture of luxurious lambskin, that clashes with a metallic strap and badge-like closure, which is a definitely a reason you should invest in one.

Aside from being a very chic bag, the thing I love the most about the latest Diorama bag from Dior, is how sophisticated it looks, yet it still has a contemporary and modern feel

Keep an eye on the Diorama Bag from Dior, because it will probably win the heart and mind of the chicest celebrities and style stars out there. As for my own personal wish list, the Diorama bag from Dior just took the first place!

Now take a look at Marion Cotillard carrying the Diorama bag from Dior, and let us know if you liked the way she styled it.