Unless you've been living under a rock, you know (and probably love!) Abla Fahita.

She's the Egyptian YouTube sensation who moved to TV with her hit program "Abla Fahita Live Men El Duplex," which is back on screens for its second season now. With every new appearance, Abla Fahita proves that she's the ultimate style icon. Thanks to her new fashion stylist, Farrah Aboulazm, who's currently responsible for her looks. 

Oh yes. Who would have imagined a puppet, ahem, a high profile TV character, would break into fashion the way Abla Fahita did. She's certainly come a long way, and if you track her style evolution, you'll notice that she sort of got a make-over before starting her own TV program. 

Here are some of Abla Fahita's most legendary looks, from custom made Krikor Jabotian and Charbel Zoe gowns to seriously chic outfits. Scroll down and let us know your favorite Abla Fahita look.

Photo Credits: Instagram @Abla Fahita